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OSA : OS_Flag_Wait_AllOff_TO

OS_Flag_Wait_AllOff_TO (flags, mask, timeout)

Allowed only in taskSwitches contextUses timer

Wait for all mask bits in flags to be cleared. If timeout expires before event occurs, then stop waiting with Timeout flag set (see OS_IsTimeout)

Call allowed:

Only in task


flags Variable of OST_FLAGx (x = 8, 16, 32) type
mask Bit mask to operate on
timeout Time of waiting in system ticks - calling OS_Timer periods


timeout If timeout expired then system service OS_IsTimeout will return true


OST_FLAG flag;
void Task (void)
    for (;;) {
        OS_Flag_Wait_AllOff_TO (flag, mask, timeout);
        if (!OS_IsTimeout()) {

Old style name



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