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OSA : OS_Timer

OS_Timer ()

Uses timer

Use with all timers.

This service must be used if:

  • any task uses OS_Delay();
  • any task waits for events with timeout;
  • static or dynamic timers are used in the program.

This service should be called from a regularly-called place in the program (e.g. a timer interrupt routine).

In this documentation we use the term system tick for the period between calls to OS_Timer. All delays and timeout parameters in services are given in system ticks.

At every execution of OS_Timer() all active timers are increased by 1 (except 24-bit old style static timers which are increased by 1 every 256 calls).

Call allowed:







void interrupt isr (void)
    if (TMR2IF) {
        TMR2IF = 0;
        OS_Timer ();

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